After claiming £62k of benefits over a five year period a man has been convicted to two years in prison.

Continuing to claim benefit between May 2009 and April 2014, Jason Larkin, 44, was convicted after failing to inform Trafford Council that he had become self-employed.

Council counter fraud officers were alerted to the fraudster by Greater Manchester Police who were investigating Mr Larkin for other no-related matters.

Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Finance, Cllr Patrick Myers said: “The Council will not stop in its quest to ensure only those people who are entitled to benefit support receive money.

Trafford Council and the Department of Work and Pensions are aiming to recover the benefit overpayment adding: “These cases demonstrate once again how, through close inter-agency working, it is able to not only identify the perpetrators of benefit fraud, but, having done so, seek justice from the courts.

This comes after Trafford Council recently secured two other benefit fraud convictions.

By Rob Hall

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