Jess Kemp, 21, Irlam is far more than just a student at Manchester, she has recently written a song called ‘Fairy Lights’ and released it on iTunes with all money going to Francis House Children’s Hospice in Didsbury. Going for the Christmas number 1 we interviewed Jess on her recent work and her success.

Jess who has over 4,000 views on one of her Youtube videos and came second in Key103 Future stars spoke to Quays on why she decided to donate the money raised to Francis House children’s hospice.

Jess explained: “I wanted a song relevant to Christmas, people can donate over Christmas and Christmas is for children so I chose a charity for children. Plus my friend works there so it was easy to set it up with them”.

Jess told us about how she got into the music industry and first picked up a guitar.

“I started playing when I was 11, so ten years ago. I was half way through college when I dropped out and started working at a high school. So it was a part time job and now it’s more of a full time job and I’m playing more often.”

The hit ‘Fairy Lights’ is clearly built to be a success so we asked Jess how long a hit like that took to record.

“Sam who plays in a band with me helped produce it, we was on a budget with it being a charity single and us recording it independently. It took us a total of two sessions because I hated my vocals on the first recording.” The single costs 79p on iTunes and is available for purchase now.

We asked her about making it to the final four on Key103’s Future stars and how it felt to get that far.
Speaking about the competition Jess said: “It was madness I didn’t know exactly what it was I just auditioned, then I was at work and I got a call saying I was through. I didn’t realise how many people where behind me until you are trying to drum up support.”

Given her massive fan base Quays wondered if Jess had ever thought about auditioning for X Factor or BGT. She jokingly replied: “No. I hate them, I would never audition for shows like that”

The talented singer/guitarist is currently at Uni in her first year studying Music Business however, Jess still manages to gig a lot and played in Manchester last night at ‘The Lower Turks head’ telling us:

“It was top, 300 people in that small space. I had to hold my guitar up to get through people. I then went on to do an acoustic gig at the place where I started out”

It’s not only the guitar Jess plays though with her talents also ranging through to the Ukulele and Piano.

Jess told us jokingly: “I play the piano of sorts, but I don’t really like it.”

Jess’ music video ‘Stars’ has been a hit on Youtube and Jess told Quays why it was she had chosen to make a music video for that song: “I wanted to do that song because of the situation that I was in at the time. Also I always said if I was to release a music video it would to relevant to me not something that’s mainstream”

On Jess’ Youtube channel there are a range of covers to watch, Jess told us what bands or artists she loves to cover.

She told us: “I like covering Lucy Spraggan, people always assume I’ll cover her because I’m a girl with a guitar. But I love Pink, covering Pink is great.”

Jess started off playing with a guitar that had been handed down to her, however she recently got an upgrade.

Jess explained: “For my 21st birthday my mum took me for a new guitar, I didn’t think they would buy me a Taylor” jokingly describing playing it at a ‘Lambo’.

Jess’ career looks like it’s quickly taking off and with her Christmas charity single going for number it looks like this is just the start for Jess.

By Charlotte Vernon

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