MASH charity, standing for Manchester Action on Street Health has been looking after female sex workers’ health and safety for the past 24 years.

In the upcoming year, MASH’s team has decided to mark the charity’s 25th anniversary by trying to raise £25,000.

The Fundraising and Marketing Co-ordinator, Helen Clayton, explains: “What we want to do next year is to raise £25,000 pounds. That’s our aim. And that’s a lot of money for a small charity like MASH.

“So what we’re trying to do is to get local companies, local community groups, and people on board to help us to achieve that target. We’re asking from them to try and raise £1,000. We’re asking people to have a look at our sponsor events and take part in them.”

One of the following events will be the the 10K Great Manchester Run in May, where people will be able to “sign up and raise a sponsorship for MASH.”

Mrs Helen Clayton continues: “I think what we’re doing is really interesting and students can very much volunteer in the charity if they are 21-year-old and above or take part in the Marathon.

“If you’re interested in women and you’re interested in Manchester, and you’re interested in the city you’re studying, I think that MASH is actually a very interesting place.”

The President of University of Salford Students’ Union, Marina Hristova, says: “I think the idea of MASH is really nice and I feel that as an organisation if we have the opportunity to support it, the Students’ Union will be happy to support their idea.

“We will be raising awareness via our campaigns. We run lots of campaigns through the whole year and I’m sure that all of our student reps and students will be happy to get involved and make sure that awareness is being raised around this issue.”

Marina Hristova concludes: “As the President of the Students’ Union, I will be urging students to make sure that they actually take part in the Marathon, because I feel that this will raise lots of awareness not only across the student body, but as well as to everyone else.”

You can also visit the MASH organisation website for further details about the upcoming marathon.

By Zenia Mamaletou

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