When Ricky Gervais first hosted the Golden Globes in 2010 he uttered the phrase ‘I’m not going to be asked back again anyway’.

He was then asked back to host for the next two years, completing a trilogy of controversial, enthralling and above all entertaining hosting gigs.

After a three year gap he was back to unleash his ‘unfiltered’ wrath upon Hollywood’s elite and was somehow the most predictable, if not boring part of a bloated show.

Whilst NBC and the Globes chose Gervais to host due to the publicity generating itself, it may be time to call it quits on ‘The Office’ mastermind. Despite the show being built around ‘what will Gervais say this time?’ he spent a fairly modest amount of time on screen with only a handful of jokes, regarding Sean Penn, NBC and bribery actually hitting.

Not as glamourous or prestigious as the Oscars, and never claiming to be as such, the Golden Globes should be a short, snappy, made for TV broadcast, offering an alternative to the Academy Awards, however this show seemed to drag far more than any recent Oscar show, a credit to the production of those broadcasts.

The show kicked off with what felt like a desperate Jonah Hill sucking up to his ‘best friend’ Leonardo Di Caprio, by dressing as the bear from The Revenant, delivering a semi-muted speech. A sign of things to come.

There were some bright spots which lifted the shows mood every once in a while however. This included Eva Longoria and America Ferrera pronouncing each other’s names wrong and Ryan Gosling feigning anger at and mocking Brad Pitt for his new look.

Jamie Foxx’s spoof of Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe calamity brought home some of the biggest laughs of the evening, as did the back and fourths between Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, as well as Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence.

Memorable moments were hard to come by however, in fact Sylvester Stallone receiving a spontaneous standing ovation for his Best Supporting Actor win, was the only moment this reviewer can describe as ‘memorable’.

Gervais did introduce Matt Damon as ‘the only person Ben Affleck has remained faithful to’, drawing a gasping laugh from the audience, however this is the sort of thing we’ve come to expect from the host, whose regular jab at Mel Gibson remained muted the whole way through, unfortunately. Just one more downside to a drab show.

The big movie awards are dished out in the final hour of the show, as is the Cecil B. Demile lifetime award which was awarded to Denzel Washington, who appeared to leave his reading glasses at home and simply give up on his prepared speech.

The Revenant received the most love from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, taking home Best Picture Drama, Best Director and Best Actor – Drama. DiCaprio, a shoe-in for the same Oscar, delivered an honest, if not slightly scripted speech to protect our planet and respect indigenous peoples. One of few political statements not to mention to the words ‘Donald’ and ‘Trump’.

The ‘comedy’ The Martin took home the win in the aforementioned category, with Ridley Scott noting in his speech that it belonged in the wrong category, before he paid tribute to his late brother Tony.

The TV awards were dished out embarrassingly early, showing everyone where they rank in the pecking order. The HFPA has a reputation for picking obscure winners in the TV categories and proved true this year as well, with Lady Gaga winning for best actress in a miniseries.

Watching this show on a stream due to its lack of availability in the UK was very informing. Due to its lack of nominations this year, and being the host channel, there were an awful lot of advertisements for NBC shows, an awful lot.

But it was Gervais who provided the telling quote of the broadcast with; ‘this show is a bit long isn’t it?’ As much of a Ricky Gervais fan I am, him repeating this joke way too often throughout the night didn’t make it go any quicker.

You know what you’re getting with Ricky Gervais at the Globes, but unfortunately it seemed too honed in and scripted this year to enjoy, along with a drab show filled with few too laughs and memorable moments.

If you didn’t watch, you didn’t miss much.

By Connor Devine

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