A COMPANY in Liverpool is now experimenting with staff who work just SIX hours a day.

Marketing company, Agent Marketing have been trailing the new experiment since December with 14 members of staff who would start work at 9am and finish at 4pm with a mandatory lunch break in between.

They insist the experiment is not about working less, but about about finding ways to work better.

Paul Corcoran, Managing Director said: “When people are well-rested and have the time to lead a more fulfilling life, they come back to work feeling more focused and refreshed.”

Liverpool, Agent, Marketing
Agent Marketing Office in Liverpool.

Paul’s trial is based on a Scandinavian model with the working day capped at 6 hours.

“From the start we have said that client satisfaction cannot be compromised and any less than six-hours may have a big impact on this.”

“There have been a few times where we’ve exceeded six hours of working, because at the end of the day the client always comes first.” Says Paul.

At the start of the day it’s not unusual for staff to take part in yoga lessons, or even have massages in the office.

Then there’s lunchtime? Like many offices around the country, you might be used to working lunches, often eating a rushed sandwich at your desk. Not at Agent Marketing.

“At lunchtime some of us go out jogging or go to the gym, whilst others eat lunch on the couches.”

“We have a ping-pong table in the office, so lunchtime tournaments are a regular fixture – we find that it’s a great way to clear our heads.” Says Darren McLeod, head of strategy and planning.

Agent, Marketing, Table, Tennis,
Taking a table tennis break over at Agent Marketing.

According to GOV.UK you can’t work on average, more than 48 hours a week.

You can choose to work more should you wish, by opting out of the 48-hour week ‘working time directive’.

If you’re under 18 then you can’t work more than 8 hours a day.

The History of the working Day.

Working 9-5 was originally established as a response to excessive working hours during the industrial revolution, and has since then become the norm.

Today it could soon be seen as the norm to work less than 5 days a week, and now companies are prepared to take on the challenge of completely turning the model on its head.

Jeanette explains how working 6 hours a day could be invaluable for staying refreshed and focused.

“Sometimes it’s necessary to have less time in the office to make the time you spend there more effective. It’s all about thinking clearly, acting decisively and staying sharp.” Says Jeanette.

But it’s not only about inside the office, but outside of it too.

[pullquote]“My team have told me that they now have more time to do things outside of work that mean a lot to them – things like helping their kids with their homework or learning a new instrument.” – Paul Corcoran. [/pullquote]

“On the whole, they’re getting more rest and feeling more fulfilled.”

This could be the new way forward for businesses in the UK, as Agent Marketing has already been approached by other companies asking for advice on how to structure their own six-hour working day.

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By Bradley Harris

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