‘RAG N Bone Man Presents’ was welcomed to a sold-out intimate Sound Control last night. It was a live night of music for upcoming artists in the industry – a show thought of and created by Rag N Bone Man himself. Dan Willis went along…

Opening the evening was Indie-Folk singer Megan Dixon Hood, a rising star from BIMM Manchester who’s hit ‘Early Morning Riser’ has gained popularity from Radio 2 royalty Sir Terry Wogan – and this was no surprise, as her live rendition of the song received a thunderous ovation from the audience. Megan’s haunting vocals almost left the room in a zen-like trance, as the 19-year-old’s powerful emotion-inducing lyrics in her following songs, ‘Sirens’ and finally ‘With Time’, rounded off an incredible set.

Next up was River Matthews, who wowed the audience in attendance with his passionate and almost-raspy voice, and his performance of ‘Imogen’ a song which he wrote for his niece – received a huge response from the audience.

Both Megan and River gave outstanding performances, and through playing the live night have given themselves incredible exposure for the future.

Following a long break, Rag N Bone Man finally arrived to a huge reaction from the crowd – he also announced that it was his birthday, which saw the crowd break into unison for a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’; which Rag N Bone Man laughed off.

He opened his set with well-known single ‘Wolves’ from his 2014 album aptly named ‘Wolves’. For anyone who hadn’t listened to Rag N Bone Man before, they would have instantly understood why his reputation in the music industry continues to grow day by day – this was then followed by two other songs from ‘Wolves’: ‘No Mother’ and ‘Life in Her Yet’, two performances which both demonstrated the vocal range which Rag N Bone Man could stretch to in order to really give the soul to the songs which he performs.

With the crowd warmed up and well into the set, Rag N Bone Man dropped ‘Disfigured’; the title song from his 2015 album. With little of his backing band performing in this song, it really demonstrated how well Rag N Bone Man could perform on his own without any support – something which he would demonstrate later on in his set, when he performed an acapella.

This was then followed by one of his newer singles from his new album – ‘Human’ a track which hadn’t been played live previously, however the song received a massive reaction from the audience which may be a sign that Rag N Bone Man’s new album will be a success.

As he came towards the end of his set, Rag N Bone Man performed ‘Guilty’ an EP from his ‘Wolves’ album, which was highlighted as his last song, but with a raucous Manchester crowd willing Rag N Bone Man to return to the stage, he came out to play his encore song, ‘Bitter End’ from his 2015 ‘Disfigured’ album – an announcement greeted with a huge cheer from the audience, highlighting how popular the song is among his hardcore fans.

‘Rag N Bone Man Presents’ was a massive success, not only considering the gig itself sold out, but the performers showed exactly why the show was up to the expectation in every way possible.

By: Dan Willis

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