BEFORE his sold-out gig at Sound Control in Manchester on Friday night, Quays News entertainment reporter Dan Willis caught up with Rag N Bone Man….

Coming off the back of a stellar 2015 in the music business is Brighton-born soul star Rag N Bone Man.

Rag N Bone Man – or known by his real name Rory Graham, last year released ‘Disfigured’ a hit album which has already gathered a lot of attention from his online followers and through YouTube, has focused his attention on ‘Rag N Bone Man Presents’ a live night focused on building the upcoming stars in the music industry.

“Really, I’ve put this night on so I can showcase other people – and an excuse to play myself really. I think the other two guys are going to be incredible.

“Megan (Dixon Hood) and River (Matthews) are so unique, when you hear it you’ll be blown away.

“I’m always consuming new music,” Rory said.

When looking for new artists, he tells me that he asks other people in the music industry what they’re currently listening to – and it just so happens that Megan Dixon Hood and River Matthews were recommended as upcoming artists.

Rag N Bone Man has also stated how much he desires to work alongside other soul singers of the modern day and yesteryear.

“I’d really like to work on some classic soul kind of stuff – maybe on my second album I could. I’ve always wanted to work with the singer songwriter called Leon Russell, you never know how long these people have left – but I think that’s something I’d like to do “

As for making his own music, Rory states this is something he feels he has to do, and he doesn’t have a choice in the matter.

“It’s like a vice for me. There’s nothing better than being on stage and being able to perform – some people have alcohol, but for me its music.”

As for the here and now, Rag N Bone Man is looking towards what should be a busy 2016 as his new single is expected to be released in March. With the release of the album also expected to be around early spring, Rag N Bone Man will be hoping to gain some early momentum for him to follow up for the remainder of the year.

The release of his 2016 album is driving Rag N Bone Man right now, and being able to test out his new music to audiences will allow him to get a better feel of what works and what maybe doesn’t work as well.

Beyond his album, the need to just ‘get out there and play’ is deeply ingrained in his work, and the idea of a regular live music night will give him that release which allows him to play his music, and also give back to the music industry.

‘Rag N Bone Man Presents’ is planned to become a regular live night across the UK, and with his first show at Sound Control Manchester completely sold out, the opportunity for top class exposure for unknown talent in music is unlimited.

By: Dan Willis

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