RISING Norwegian star Aurora performed to a sold-out Deaf Institute in Manchester last night as her world tour rolls on. Quays News entertainment reporter Dan Willis went along…

The 19-year-old, who was born in Bergen, Norway, originally only wanted to be a songwriter. However after a successful first album and her rise to prominence with British fans after her acoustic version of Oasis’ ‘Half The World Away’ went viral from the Christmas John Lewis advert, Aurora has been in high demand.

The night kicked off with support act Albin Lee Meldau, a Swedish indie-folk musician with a huge future in the music industry. Due to Meldau being relatively unknown, most of the Manchester crowd were unaware of his songs – however to a hushed room, his voice stretched to every corner of the venue. His final song, ‘Lou Lou’ was aired on British radio station Radio X last week, and will surely be played more regularly after his strong and emotive vocals earned him a standing ovation from the audience.

After a short break, the main attraction Aurora arrived to a thunderous cheer from the audience – and instantaneously broke into her first song of the night ‘Warrior’ a song which she released back in 2015.

Aurora’s music is made with a certain innocence which shines through in her music, it isn’t necessarily heavy or light. However to be part of the crowd you could almost feel that she brought a relaxation to the audience with her chilled vocals and lyrics.

Up next was a favourite amongst many fans in attendance, her 2014 hit ‘Runaway’ a song which was composed of very little of her backing musicians, with Aurora’s powerful voice being the main, if only aspect of this song which was involved. As common when most growing musicians tour, following this Aurora played one of her newest tracks in ‘Wintergarden’ which is expected to be fully released later in 2016 – this also received a great response, which can only mean good things for her and her future album release.

The almost melancholic vibe of Aurora’s music continued to follow, with ‘Murder Song’ following this – this is one of her newer tracks and was released in 2015. As it could be guessed by the name of the song, this song highlighted Aurora’s darker side of her music, which completely immersed with her more upbeat stuff for a balanced mix of sounds.

Aurora regularly took breaks between her music to talk to the fans in attendance, and her comedic input into what was her first visit to Manchester and the balloon called ‘Manchesto’ which she brought along to the gig gave Aurora, and the fans the opportunity to socialise with each other to calm the atmosphere. Alongside this, she took time out to introduce all her fellow band artists, introducing them all by name and getting a warm response from the audience.

As her set came closer to wrapping up, Aurora brought out more of a mix of old and new songs, and her 2014 hit ‘Running With Wolves’ sparked the audience back into life after a bit of a break. Then what she highlighted as her final song, she sang ‘Conqueror’ a song which may be quite well known with more mainstream British audiences after its inclusion on this year’s FIFA 16 soundtrack. This hit received the loudest reaction of the night, with a great performance from both her backing band and Aurora herself wrapping up what we thought was the end of the gig.

However, as is normal at most gigs, the crowd wanted more. Aurora came out and played one of her newer songs, ‘Eyes Of A Child’, a song most likely not heard yet by most, with it still unavailable for release in the UK.

To finally round off the night, Aurora performed David Bowie’s timeless classic ‘Life on Mars’ putting her own style into the song, by slowing it down and bringing out the haunting vocals to really legitimise her version of the song.

A fantastic gig from an artist with massive potential – expect to see Aurora a lot more in 2016.

By: Dan Willis

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