UPON the upcoming release of their new single ‘Money’ UK band Lawson sat down with Quays entertainment reporter Molly Smith to discuss the new single and their plans for the future…..

With the swanky backdrop of the Hilton Hotel on Deansgate, I was greeted by the quartet fresh from a day of travelling and interviews.

There was an air of calmness as I sat down to chat with the band; not a typical formal backstage interview huddle.

Following their release of ‘Roads´ after being fairly quiet in the music scene, due to lead singer Andy Brown’s liver failure, the band reflected back on how their music strayed away from the core sound of ‘Lawson’.

“We kind of stepped away from Lawson a little bit when we went with ‘Roads’ which was a little bit darker and edgier and we thought, actually, Lawson has always been ‘big chorus’.”

lawsonWith the idea for the track formed many months ago, the key question was to why they waited so long to share the new single, entitled ‘Money’.

“When you’re in the studio you’re sort of bouncing ideas off each other and we were like ‘what about this song,” lead singer Brown said.

“It just sort of developed from an idea that we had ages ago and it went really great.

“We developed it even more in Nashville, we were living out there for about a year.

“We did ‘Money’ and everyone seemed to love it.”

Guitarist Joel Peat explained that the influence for the melody of the new track was getting Lawson back to the sound that they do best.

The track, undeniably, encourages fans to reminisce back to tracks from their debut platinum selling album ‘Chapman Square’.

“We explored,” Brown admitted.

“A lot of fans have said ‘oh this really reminds me of a song that could have been on ‘Chapman Square’ and that was a really successful album.”

Although the four piece explored with a new rockier sound, this also being shown with tracks from the recently released EP, ‘Lawson’, such as ‘Mountains’ and ‘We Are The Kings’ they appeared happy to be back doing what Lawson do best, with bassist Ryan Fletcher explaining.

“It [‘Roads’] was a bit rockier, a bit more edgy and as good as that is and we love doing it but we excel in the pop stuff.

I don’t think we ever went away from Lawson but this is the epitome of Lawson.”

Peat encouraged those unfamiliar with the band to give them a try as he explained how he finds the newer tracks relatable.

“Even when I listen to it, obviously Andy will write it, and even being in the band and listening to the music and listening to the lyrics makes me relate to things in it.

“I think it’s quite nice to listen to something and go ‘yeah, you know what, I’ve had that or I’ve said that to someone or I’ve been in that situation’.”

Money’ is from the genre that Lawson admit they fair best in, which is why it is clear the band are passionately supporting the new album and putting all their attention into the album that is due to be released in the summer time.

“Right now we’re focusing on this single, the next single, the album and then some festivals and summer shows but we’re not going to actually tour until probably the end of the year.”

The determination and focus on the promotion of the band’s third album alone indicates to fans that the band feel nothing but pride for the new creation.

Although drummer Adam Pitts explained that ‘Money’ may not be the defining track of the so called new sound he carried on to explain that it certainly gives fans a flavour of what is to come.

“There’s so many different songs, there’s a real wide variety of different stuff on the album.

“They all kind of have a Lawson edge and all sound like a Lawson piece of music but it’s quite hard to choose one song that symbolises the album as a whole.”

A tour is due towards the back end of the year and Fletcher revealed that fans can expect a “whole new tour experience.”

By Molly Smith

‘Money’ is currently available for pre-order and will be released March 18.

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