EQUAL parts heartbreaking, relatable and laugh-out-loud hilarious; it’s a great shame that this show was initially overlooked because of its crude name.

Lovesick, or as some may know it – Scrotal Recall, has unexpectedly returned with a second season on Netflix; something that no one saw coming despite the charming nature of the show. This comes after it moved over to Netflix and reinvented itself with a much more appropriate name; a name that is much better able to depict the charming nature of this show.

It follows Dylan (played by folk musician Johnny Flynn) as he sets out on a terrifying quest to find all his past lovers and inform them of the chlamydia he may have passed on to them.

Each episode is named after and dedicated to one of those past lovers in a flashback structure, giving us an insight into the relationships between the Dylan, Evie (Antonia Thomas) and Luke (Daniel Ings).

One key storyline is the apparent love between Evie and Dylan, however Dylan doesn’t reveal his love until the end of season one, where we were left with a cliffhanger.

The first episode of the second season takes us back to this moment, however, with much disappointment, the two don’t end up together. Along with the continuing longing between Dylan and Evie, we are introduced to more of Dylan’s past lovers as he informs them of his STI.

The flashback structure is able to shed light on who Dylan, Evie and Luke are as people. We are able to explore how they have reached the point they are at and why they are the people they are.

It allows the characters to seem like real people; like a group of friends we truly care about. It is this heartfelt element of the show that really sets it apart from other similar comedies.

As we follow the three friends stumbling through the difficulties of adult relationships and working out who they are and what they want, it is hard not to draw comparisons to other popular Netflix shows such as Judd Apatow’s Love. However, whilst the similarities are evident, it is also undoubtable that Lovesick has its very own unique charm, and it is hard not to be drawn into truly rooting for the main characters.

With the truly unique concept of Dylan tracking down his ex’s, the beautifully written three dimensional characters and the horrendous reality of relationships; Lovesick manages to appeal to a wide stretch of people.

Whether you have also been in love with your best friend, or you are in a loveless marriage or you simply aren’t quite sure what you’re doing with your life – Lovesick is bound to strike a chord with you.

Scrotal Recall season 1 and 2 can be found on Netflix.

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