A SALFORD resident worked for two months to build a three-wheeled bicycle for a young boy with mobility issues.

Les McMahon, 63, built the modified bicycle for his neighbour Lewis after seeing that the 10-year-old couldn’t enjoy playing outside with friends.

Mr McMahon said: “The rest of the family all have bicycles, so I thought I just had to come up with something and solve the problem.”

The former engineer’s efforts were part of a larger project as the whole community came together to help young Lewis.

“I got help from friends, family and work colleagues. They helped by giving me materials, helping with welding and putting the bike together.”

The 63-year-old built the bicycle using recycled pieces of material donated by other neighbours.

“There were a lot of other people who chucked in bits and pieces and helped me where they could. I felt really fortunate to be able to do it and it all came together fantastically.

“Lewis has had hours of fun on the bike and it just worked perfectly, right from the go. It was brilliant.”

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