NEWLY appointed Ukip leader Paul Nuttall has issued a threat towards MPs that may attempt to disrupt the UK’s departure from the European Union. 

The MEP for the North West appeared on Good Morning Britain and said: “Woe betide any MP who tries to play around with the will of the people, particularly if they’re from a constituency who has voted to leave.

“I think it’s a disgrace if any MP tries to play around with the will of the people.”

When asked what he meant by presenter Sussane Reid, Nuttall said: “It’s an electoral threat. Ukip is at it’s best when it’s electorally strong and we will go into those constituencies and remove those MPs.

“We might have one MP at the moment, I guarantee if parliament mess around with this bill, we’ll have a lot more,” and added “anger is a very powerful force in politics.”

The Ukip MEP continued: “The fact is that the British people spoke on June the 23rd, they want to take back control of their borders, they want to take back control of their own finances and their own laws, if they mess about with this bill and stay in the single market we can do none of those things.”

On Monday the Supreme Court begins debating on whether to overturn the High Court’s decision stating that MPs must vote before Britain is able to invoke article 50. 

The Government appealed to the most powerful court in Britain after the High Court ruled Theresa May lacked the authoritative power to initiate article 50 without the backing of Parliament.

The four day court hearing will be presided over by a record 11 judges.

Nuttall, the successor to Nigel Farage, said: “If it goes back to parliament i’m sure people like Nick Clegg and Jeremy Corbyn will try to amend the bill to make sure we stay in the single market which isn’t what the British people voted for.”

“The British parliament made it perfectly clear that they were seeding the democratic right on this issue to the people and that’s why we had a referendum and the people have spoken quite clearly by a big majority, it was a city the size of Liverpool and Birmingham put together the difference between leave and remain.”

The Prime Minister insists that she will trigger article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty by the end of March next year.


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