Afflecks Palace has taken over the Town Hall with Christmas Jumpers in order to raise money for charity.

Each year, the event coincides with the national Christmas Jumper Day, a time where people raise money for the Save The Children charity.

Saira and Waseem Hussain, owners of the shop Waxworks (which can be found on the first floor of the Afflecks building), have contributed to the market for five years with a Christmas jumper stall.

Every year on December 16th, the couple have taken part in the festivities and have donated one pound to the Save The Children charity with every jumper that they sell – and tomorrow will be no different.

Source: Abigail Gillibrand
Source: Abigail Gillibrand

Waseem said: “The idea came from myself when we opened up the pop up shop. I saw the event being advertised on social media and I thought it would be a nice thing to do as I contribute to charity a lot.”

“It has been successful, you get a lot of feedback from the customers as well, when you tell them what you’re doing they think it’s a great thing.

“People can get the wrong impression and think we’re only selling Christmas jumpers because of the event, but that is completely not the case. When you tell customers that you donate to the charity too it changes their perception.

“We do it for the charity.”

Last year Waseem took part in Manchester’s attempt to break the world record of having the most people wearing a Christmas Jumper in one place.

Their stall can be found in the Town Hall up until December 20 where they will then relocate back to Afflecks Palace.

Check out their Facebook page here.

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