The Salford university league teams are due to compete against each other for a place in the Manchester FA Cup for local sixth forms and colleges next week on the March 15.

Jack Griffith, captain of the Men’s 4th team, states: “It’s a cup competition organised by the league committee which consists of one person from each team, myself included.”

The university league has been given two places in the Manchester FA Cup which the teams will have to compete for. The Men’s 4th team has an automatic place as they play in the campus league, not the university league. The other spot will be given to the winner of the competitions taking place on the March 15.

Uni Manchester FA Cup Preview

The event will work through six teams, two groups of three, and they will play against each other in mini 20 minute games. The two winning teams will go head to head in the semi-finals and the winners of the game will go through to the final.

If the Men’s 4th team get to the final and win, the two losing semi-finalists will play each other and the winners of that game compete against the loser of the final.

The location will be confirmed later on this week. The Manchester FA Cup will take place in April.

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