Britain’s Got Talent star Calum Scott took to the stage at Manchester Arena to support his idol Emeli Sandé on her UK tour.

When first invited to support her, he didn’t quite believe he was being given the chance to tour with someone he admired from afar for so long.

“I’ve loved [Emeli] for years so my first reaction was ‘I don’t know if you’re winding me up but it’s cool if you are’. It’s a dream come true,” he says.

Before the show, Calum exclusively told us all about his new album which includes a song
about missing home. However, this didn’t stop him from being excited to perform in

“Manchester is something I’ve really been looking forward to because it’s close to home and
people from Manchester love their music.”

The crowd clearly shared this excitement with Calum when the first few notes of his hit
single Dancing On My Own echoed through the recently reopened arena.

The song, originally released by Robyn in 2010, took Calum to number 2 in the UK charts.
When asked about why he chose that song in particular, he told us: “I love Robyn, I love the
original song.

“I showed it to my mum and sister and they just cried. I thought if it has that effect on me
and them, then this is the song I want to sing to loads of people.”

Since he released the song, Calum has received lots of support, especially from the LGBT
community because Calum has struggled with talking about his sexuality in the past.

He believes that he has been able to give the gay community a powerful voice with this song
which is one of the reasons he chose to keep the original pronouns from the original

“The messages I’ve received have been beautiful and this is all because I’ve given that
community a little voice and the song did incredibly well all around the world and that
means that the message also went across the world.

“I already related to the song…[so] I purposely didn’t change the pronouns and it went
unnoticed by some people but the gay community, they latched onto it and was like this has
given me so much more confidence and I feel like I can come out and be myself.”

When asked about his future, Calum explained that he’s excited to grow as a musician
following that ‘golden’ Britain’s Got Talent moment which he says “was one of the best and
worst days if my life.”

At that famous audition, Calum was full of raw emotion as moments before he took to the
stage, his younger sister got a rejection from the judges.


Calum, talking about his future, added: “I’ve achieved so much in 2 [short] years. I’m now
signed to one of the biggest record companies in America and the world. I’ve done some
amazing things.”

However, one thing we’re certain of is that his debut album will tug at a few heart strings
and is due to hit the shelves early 2018.

Speaking of its release, Calum said: “my whole album is verypersonal and it comes from my
own experiences.

“It is written in a way where we can hopefully all share the same experiences.”

We are excited to see what the next few years bring for Calum Scott.

Calum’s brand-new single, You Are The Reason, comes out on November 17th and you can
pre-order it here.

You can watch the full interview with Calum below:

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