YOUNG people are three times more likely to be in an accident within their first two years of driving, and Safe Drive Stay Alive want to save as many lives as they can.  

The road safety initiative is ran by Greater Manchester’s emergency services, Salford Royal and bereaved family members who have lost loved ones through road accidents.

Schools and colleges across Greater Manchester and Salford attended, such as Salford City College and Bridgewater School. Throughout November they have held 20 performances at Middleton Arena, performing to around 9,500 pupils in total.

Brooke performing for Safe Drive Stay Alive

“The performances consist of short clips along with Paramedics acting out real scenarios and what victims could have done for this to not happen. Parents of victims also speak at the event.” said Lesley Allen, emergency services co-ordinator and leader of Safe Drive Stay Alive.

“Our Aim is to encourage young people to drive safer on the roads and understand the massive responsibilities that go with driving.”, added Allen.

Performances last around 75 to 90 minutes with a choice to attend either morning, afternoon or evening.

Middleton Arena set for Safe Drive Stay Alive
Middleton Arena set for Safe Drive Stay Alive

With free transport provided by Drive Safe Stay Alive from colleges to Middleton Arena, it is a motive for pupils to come along. Teachers from colleges are provided with resource packs to further pupils knowledge on road safety awareness.  

At the end of the performance those who attended are urged to follow Safe Drive Stay Alive on Twitter where they then make a pledge to stay safe on the roads.

What do Drive Safe Stay Alive want to come of the campaign?  

“We want less death’s on the road, especially with young drivers being more at risk.”, said Lesley Allen.

The biggest cause for death among 15-24-year-olds is involvement in a road accident, with over 2000 young people being killed or seriously injured in the last 10 years. In Greater Manchester in particular,13 people aged 13-25 are killed as well as 119 young people having had serious injuries from road accidents.  

Safe Drive Stay Alive receive all their funding from Greater Manchester Causality Reduction Partnership, which is who drivers pay their speeding fines too. Support is also given from Stagecoach Manchester and Belle-Vue Manchester LTD. They provide pupils across Greater Manchester with transport to Middleton Arena.  

Despite the last performance being on Tuesday, Safe Drive Stay Alive strongly urges colleges, schools, sports clubs and apprenticeship schemes to make contact to book places for next year before they fill up.

For more information about Safe Drive Stay Alive click here.

To make contact to book for next year email  


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