THE Fuel, Debt and Energy Advice service has been created to provide residents with informative tips on how to save energy in Salford.

The project offers personal one to one sessions in which clients will be provided with a twenty page booklet made up of the best energy saving tips.

The advisers aim to improve peoples financial situation by making them aware of low cost energy providers and how saving energy can also save money too.

Saving money is essential especially this year as energy bills are always rising.

According to an article in The Guardian thousands of households will face a 40%-plus increases to their gas and electricity bills which is much more than the expected amount suggested by the big energy firms in the past few months.


Another helpful tool that people will learn during the session is how to make a charitable fund applications to remove any fuel debt.

The project is funded by Salford City Council and offers personal one to one sessions to all eight of the Salford boroughs.

Saving energy in Salford is a key issue for the community as around 25% of households live in fuel poverty.

Fuel poverty is a condition in which people are unable to afford to keep their home adequately heated.

 This chart shows what percentage of people in each borough of Salford are living in fuel poverty according to a survey by the Building Research Establishments.

 Trevor McPartland, from the Salford Foundation, said: “The advice sessions offer information on how to deal with energy debt, assistance on how to claim the £140 Warm Homes Discount, energy efficiency advice.
I may see up to 30 people per week either at drop-ins, advice sessions or home visits.
His top tips included; replacing light bulbs with energy saving L.E.D. bulbs, setting heating to regular daily time settings and fit energy saving small measures.
He also said: “Saving energy is particularly important for Salford residents ass the borough has some of the most impoverished areas in the UK”.
The average saving is approximately £200 per household, per year according to McPartland.
Salford City Council have recently been tweeting promoting saving energy in Salford and giving different simple suggestions such as this one.

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