Social enterprise UK has held a variety of workshops and keynotes throughout the day at the University of Salford, Media City campus. 

Social Enterprise UK is one of the biggest network of social enterprises in the UK. They work with and support Universities, local authorities, international clients and corporate partners.

Martyn Willcock, a lecturer from  Salford university business school explained that the event at Salford University is: “A great networking opportunity for social enterprise UK”.

Their aim is to create jobs and opportunities, partnering up with firms such as Salford City council, NHS England, Santander and many more.

The large amount of contacts and memberships they have with a range of companies means that there is a variety of options for those in the workforce in terms of enterprise.

Whilst at Salford University, from 10am-4pm, social enterprise UK hosted six workshops throughout the morning and afternoon plus a range of keynote speakers

Social enterprise UK workshops:
  • Social media marketing
  • The power of communities
  • Think like an eight-year old (which helps disadvantaged children)
  • Plus other social innovation workshops

Martyn explained that: “The aim of the event of the National conference for social enterprise places and they are described really as hot-spots of social enterprise across the UK”.

Around 85 people have attended the event from all over the UK such as Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall, London, East Anglia and the Midlands.

He added : “Its a great way of raising the profile of Salford as a place and University and supporting social enterprise”.

Natwest was announced yesterday as a new partner to social enterprise UK

As part of the social enterprise summit, Commonplace, a mobile event space within a double decker bus came to Media City. As part of the event they hosted therapy sessions upstairs on the bus.

For more information about Social enterprise and the event at Salford University click here

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