A walking and cycling group in Salford have said the city must boost walking and cycling in favour of cars.

Andy Salmon, chair of Salford Walking and Cycling Forum, says a boost in funding for infrastructure, suggested by Salford City Council, would be welcome amid higher pollution figures in the area.

The cycling forum are holding a launch meeting at Sacred Trinity Church on November 13th, where they would like to hear the public’s ideas on new schemes for the city.

“We want people to get involved. We want people’s ideas.”

“When you’re walking and cycling you’re so much more engaged with what is going on around you. You’re always noticing new things which is good.”

“We live on a planet with limited resources and walking and cycling is better for the environment than burning petrol.”

This comes after the news that Salford City Council said that they would be interested in investing money on improving the local infrastructure for walkers and cyclists.

“If there’s big money going to be spent, we want it to be spent well. We need a collective view on where the priorities should be.”

“The city will just grind to a halt if we just keep putting more and more cars on the roads, so we need to get more people walking and cycling.”

“When you’re sat in that box you’re much more cut off from the world, which can sometimes be appreciated when it’s raining.”

The council has been attempting to lower pollution levels after being branded the second most polluted area in England two years ago by the World Health Organisation.

Statistics in 2016 showed that the city’s air quality was worse than that of Manchester, and matched that of London which can have serious effects on public health.

The forum aim to address this problem further, as Andy explained:

“It would be nice for people to be healthier. Walking and cycling are much healthier ways of getting around.”

The meeting will commence at 6pm and will last roughly around two hours (coffee, tea and biscuits have been promised).

For more information on the meeting or to keep up to date with the latest news email cycling@salford.gov.uk or click here.


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