The King’s Arms Pub in Salford, has paid tribute to their long serving cleaner who died from cancer.

Michael ‘Mick’ Cunningham was a huge music fan and David Bowie fanatic.

The event last night called ‘Absolute Beginners’ celebrated new bands, in tribute to Mick’s legacy.

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Mr Cunningham died this time last year after a short battle with cancer. Organiser of the event Mark Simpson said: “Mick was always very encouraging in new music and he was also a big fan of David Bowie so we thought we’d put all of those things together and host an event in his memory. Mick was a regular in the pub. He was a great conversationalist and a real big gentle giant.”

When asked what Mick would think of the event Mr Simpson told us: “He’d be the type of person to say it was really good but also sit downstairs and moan about it.”

Absolute Beginners, an all day festival at The King’s Arms, from 2pm until midnight, was inspired by the life of David Bowie and former punter and cleaner of the pub Mick Cunningham. Performers included The Happy Soul, Operation Lightfoot, Dorothy Bird and Chloe Foy.

Performer Dorothy Bird from Berlin told us: “The cause really moved me. It’s good to perform with other bands and I like when events have a meaning and I can support that cause.”

All proceeds from the event went to Francis’ Children’s hospice, a charity chosen by Mr Cunningham’s family.

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