Starting Thursday, February 14th, families will be able to see Billionaire Boy The Musical at The Lowry Theatre.

The musical, directed by Luke Sheppard, will stay in Salford for three days- with the last performance being on February 17th.

Adapted from David Walliams’ best-selling 2010 book with the same name, Billionaire Boy The Musical tells the story of Len Spud, a one-day factory worker who invents a new type of toilet roll – “Bum Fresh – wet on one side, dry on the other”.

This becomes a massive success and makes the protagonist and his son, Joe, overnight billionaires.

While Mr. Spud spends his money on commodities and spoils his new girlfriend, Sapphire Stone, his son Joe is left to get by on his own. Having to deal with school bullies and inedible cafeteria food, things will only get more complicated.

Reviewed by The Stage as “bursting with wit and silly rhymes”, Billionaire Boy The Musical is considered by the critics to be a suitable for families and musical-lovers of any age.

Tickets start at £14 and can be found online by clicking here.

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