A Salford charity is appealing for more volunteers so it can get meals to more hungry poor and homeless people.

Foodcycle, based at Salford Central, provides food for those who are less fortunate and are homeless. They have some wonderful volunteers that go out and spend their time giving food to those who are on streets and in desperate need of food.

Maise Beck, a volunteer at Food Cycle, said: “You don’t need to have any previous cooking experience, although if you do that is just as welcome! We want as many local volunteers as possible and everyone is welcome to be a part of the team.


“Our main aim is to fight against food waste and we as people need to know the value of our food before throwing away. There are people who haven’t ate in days and some many of us are wasting food every day.”

Maise said: “I have met some really nice volunteers throughout the year who come to help others and bring the community together.”

Speaking to a few volunteers they said they doing it for the people of Salford and they are willing to do a anything like this for their communicate. People at Salford are so generous and love helping those who are in need.

Stacey Hicks, a new volunteer, said: “My main goal here is to help and feed the less fortunate, seeing all these people here really shows how much people of Salford care about each other and want to help.”



Jess Parker, the head of Food cycle, said: “She has never seen so many people willing to help each other and how we can stand together against food waste.

“Everyday there are people starving for food and charities like this are a wonder for those in need of some food.

“People of Salford need to stand together and not wait for charities to do campaigns and then take part in those campaigns.”

Food cycle stated on its twiiter account:  “Food Cycle volunteers are welcoming and committed people who want to create delicious meals and lasting relationships within their community.”

Volunteers of any age can take part in anything that will be helpful to food cycle.

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