Flytippers have created an eyesore by the River Irwell just over a week after volunteer group Salford Litter Heroes cleared the path.

Salford Litter Heroes created by Danielle Wright, is a group formed of local volunteers who are tackling the problem of littering and fly tipping within Salford. They regularly organise litter picks and clean ups within the local area.

Recently, they cleared up by the River Irwell and collected just over 35 bags of rubbish.

Although over a week later more fly tipping and littering has occurred.

Danielle Wright, creator of Salford Litter Heroes said: “It makes me feel deflated, after all that hard work, and makes me think what is the point if people just don’t care.

Danielle Wright creator of Salford Litter Heroes
Credit: Danielle Wright

“Although, at the same time when I was on that litter pick, I got eleven people outside that would normally be sat inside doing nothing and that didn’t know each other.

“So, it’s not just actively clearing the litter, it about meeting new people, getting outside and helping people’s mental health and I think they enjoy it to.”

Danielle Wright explained why she started the group: “Salford particularly has a bad reputation anyway, so I wanted to help boost the reputation.

“It helps bring a positive view of Salford, but also has an environmental impact.”

Recent statistics by the Department of Food and Rural Affairs show that for 2018/19 local authorities in England dealt with over 1 million fly tipping incidents, an increase of 8% from 2017/18.

This has led many to call for more action by local authorities and for tougher sentences and fines for fly tippers.

Danielle Wright said: ““If the fines are higher that will be the only thing that will deter people.

“And more people need to be fined when they are fly-tipping.”

The local group remains positive about the impact they have on the community despite this incident.

They continue to clean up Salford and you can find out when their next litter pick is on their Facebook page:


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