Kneehigh are a touring theatre company from Cornwall who have built a reputation on being extremely fun, loud and popular for audiences across the country.

The Lowry theatre has the names of leading theatre production companies constantly at its doorstep with shows such as The Grinch, Matthew Bourne’s Romeo and Juliet and much more.

Their latest production of Ubu! A Singalong Satire is inspired by Alfred Jarry’s ground-breaking Ubu Roi. When Jarry’s performances were first staged in Paris in 1896, they caused riots. So, expect to be blown away with mass fun, chaos and excitement.

Ubu! A Singalong Satire, allows the audience to roam the proximity of the theatre space, interact with others and even be a part of a chaotic choir amongst the cast.

The full cast of performers includes Kneehigh regulars Niall Ashdown, Kyla Goodey, Robi Luckay, Alex Lupo, Katy Owen, Justin Radford, Dom Coyote, Nandi Bhebhe, and Mike Shepherd, plus newcomer Renell Shaw.

Co-Artistic Director and Founder Mike Shepherd said ‘Each night feels like we create a community intent on voicing both their protest and their hope for the future. Like Jarry’s opening in Paris in 1896 we experience a sense of revolution and a cry for humanity.’

From the 28th January 2020 to 1st February 2020, the people of Salford can see Kneehigh in action at the Lowry.

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