Today is international World Fairtrade day, so here are some ways you can support the fair trade movement.

Fairtrade ensures a stable price which covers production costs and helps producer reinvest in their business while maintaining social and environmental schemes for their community.

To identify that, Fairtrade products have a sticker with the Fairtrade logo on it to differentiate between what does and doesn’t meet the international Fairtrade principles.

Here in the UK, one in four shoppers regularly buys several Fairtrade products and 93% of the UK public recognise the Fairtrade mark.

In Salford, Fairtrade products are used in council offices as well as shops, cafes and workplaces in the city, they are also readily available to buy in shops.

As a member of the public, there are different ways you can help support the Fairtrade movement. Trying to buy Fairtrade products when they’re available and asking local shops to stock Fairtrade products is a simple and effective way to promote this movement.

In the UK 25% of coffee sales are Fairtrade – that figure is 98% at UWE Bristol.

There is over £23 million worth of Fairtrade premium was generated in sales in the UK and the Fairtrade system currently works with over 1.65 million farmers and workers.

With a small shift in shopping habits, we can ensure workers and farmers’ rights are supported as much as possible.

*source – The Fairtrade Foundation and Salford Fairtrade.

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