Amelia Aziz is 19 and from Manchester.
As far as my interest in journalism, this has always been present, from exploring and documenting the Atlas Mountains of Morocco to teaching English in orphanages, I am dedicated to taking great risks in pursuit of greater truths.  Journalism for me is interpreting the world. It brings the events closer to our everyday lives whilst showing us the impact they have on the world that surrounds us. For this reason, I have chosen to study Journalism at the University of Salford.

Whilst I have maintained my passion for Journalism through college studies, this came to a standstill when it came to deciding my future course and career goals. I found myself feeling a lack of personal connection and support due to leaving my college sooner due to the global coronavirus pandemic. I had found myself feeling indecisiveness and worried about making the right decisions, as in the past I had access to student services to speak about my current feelings. I overcame this by getting in contact with the university and the tutors of the journalism courses. This has reassured me as I received clarity and saw the obstacles as a stepping stone on my academic journey. 
During this time, I pondered on the thought of whether university was worth starting this year. Should I defer for a year in the hope that the more traditional face to face experience will resume in 2021? 
I decided to weigh out the pros and cons and came up with my conclusion –  my realisation of a combined passion for current affairs, writing and the expression of oneself through words has fuelled me to decide to use this valuable year as an investment to purse my career in Journalism broadcast. 
As freshers week is mainly online chats and Facebook groups, a huge difference to any other year of freshers which usually includes participation in clubs, sports and social interactions between students. I am not overly concerned about establishing new friendships – I’ve got an open mind and I think everyone is in the same boat and it’s only natural people will look to make friends. I look forward to meeting my peers in person and connecting as well as fulfilling my personal development.
Throughout my life, I have matured to a point where I am ready to welcome the challenges associated with attending university, even during the current economic climate.
My enthusiasm for the media and journalism has made me ever-so-more determined to become an asset to the university. 

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