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Charity initiatives Foundation 92 and Emmaus Salford are coming together to help less privileged people improve their health and social skills through football. 

Foundation 92 was set-up by the famous ‘Class of 92’ and part owners of Salford City F.C. The charity aims to help those around the Salford area who have a disability, experienced homelessness and those have committed offences. By using sport, Foundation 92 aims to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Operations and Development manager Matt Agnew reveals what brought about the partnership with Emmaus.

“The partnership came about through Kevin McCloskey, Neighbourhood Investment Officer for Clarion Futures. Kevin has been extremely influential in supporting Foundation 92 and linking partners across Salford together. Clarion have worked closely with Emmaus in the past and this was a great partnership to strike at the right time to support members of the community”.

Emmaus Salford are a local charity aiming to help homeless people find them a home and providing pathways and opportunities to improve their social lives.

The 92 shield football sessions set-up by Foundation 92, have seen many benefits for those formerly homeless who Emmaus support.

“Football is a great tool to engage individuals who may feel they are unable to take part in sport”, Agnew said. “Participants benefit by engaging with their peers in a positive environment that works with each individual to identify any personal, physical or mental barriers that they may be facing, to overcome them and work towards set goals”.

Dylan is a companion at Emmaus and a participant in the 92 shield football sessions. He spoke with Emmaus about the benefits of taking part in the sessions.

“A few of the lads from Emmaus who were into football joined the sessions with Foundation 92”, says Dylan. “We trained, played 5-a-side football matches together and it was good fun. The football sessions were also good for my confidence as it got me talking a bit more”.


The 92 shield football sessions allow vulnerable people to step out of their comfort zone and improve on their social skills. There has been a concentrated effort by those at Foundation 92 to not only use the football sessions as a source of physical activity, but also to stimulate healthy mental wellbeing.

“Everyone has mental health just as they have physical health. F92 are here to create opportunities for participants to promote positive mental health”, says Agnew. “Getting active and being part of a “team” can have huge benefits on a person’s mental health, creating a sense of community and creating a safe space allows for our staff to engage with participants, allowing for meaningful conversations that allows the participants to open up and express any thoughts they may be having”.

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