A local charity in Salford is taking part in ‘Get Online Week’ to try and get people in Salford more digitally connected.

The Community Social Inclusion Network (C.S.I.N) are participating to try and improve the online skills of the local community.

They are running one-to-one sessions in both their centre in Swinton as well as over the phone, for people who can’t get to the centre or worried about mixing with other people.

C.S.I.N. work very closely with Good Things Foundation who are the UK’s leading digital inclusion charity.

Nicola Yeates, a spokesperson for the charity, said:

“This week is “Get Online Week” which we are excited to be involved with as it is a brilliant way to offer free digital support and advice to members of the community.

“COVID-19 has highlighted the digital divide in Salford, with large members of the community not having basic digital skills or the technology to remain socially included.

“In this current climate, more and more services and methods of communication are all done ‘online’. By providing people with these basic skills, we can help them with their employability skills, health services, finances and keeping in touch with friends and family all which are essential for mental wellbeing.”

In 2019, Get Online Week reached more than 56,000 people across the UK at 4000 events.

This year’s event takes place between 19th-25th October, and will hope to reach even more people, despite the event being ran a little differently.

With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, events will mainly be over the phone or on video conference calls, with some face to face meetings still taking place where it is safe to do so.

On how the week is going so far here in Salford, Nicola said:

“I have personally got my parents ‘online’ and on Monday this week helped three members of the community start their digital journey.”

To find out how you can help to get loved ones digitally connected and get involved with the event, click here.



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