Salford Red Devils fans have split opinions on the club’s new logo with fans claiming ‘It doesn’t even look like a devil.’


The badge was created by the creative director of ‘My Protein’ Andy Roberts.

He said: “It’s massive for the club and there’s been quite a few different rebrands over the last few years, but hopefully this one is here to stay for a long time, so I’m really excited for me and the club. I can’t wait to hear the feedback and see it on the kit.”

Roberts was very proud to have created the badge for the club he has supported since childhood.

He added “I’m a lifelong Salford fan, I’ve been a fan for thirty five years, so I know that side of things, I have an insight into the club, who we are and what we stand for.”

But a lot of fans haven’t warmed to the new badge with some taking to Twitter to express their dismay.

One said: ‘Well disappointed in this, I like the badge, but definitely thought there was gonna be something more exciting than that.’

Another added “It looks like a 4 year old designed it.”

But some fans disagree; Rob Parkinson hosts fan podcast ‘Devil in the Detail’. He is a supporter of the new logo.

courtesy me

Parkinson said: “I like it, it’s a modern take, we went to Paris in 1934 and the French press called us the Red Devils. This badge shows our history and I’m really happy with what they’ve designed.”

Regardless of what fans make of the badge they’re still all going to be getting behind the team ahead of what they hope will be another successful season.



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