Disabled people have been particularly hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic.

A lot of people who have disabilities are feeling very left out, isolated, and alone.

According to new research from the Office of National Statistics, almost 49% of disabled people felt lonely in the last week and around 41% of disabled people are feeling anxious compared to around 29% of the general population.

A Salford resident that has a learning disability has been significantly affected by the pandemic.

Carl Bates says: “It has affected me really badly because we are isolating because my dad has underlying medical difficulties and we have to shield.

“I can’t go out and do the things I want to because the clubs are shut and the shops are shut as well so I am in the house every day until this covid has passed away. It is hitting my family quite hard.

“I am on my Xbox all day and it is affecting my mental health and my physical is right down at the bottom. I am feeling very down and I can’t do anything apart from go for a walk.

In an article by Britain’s Got Talent’s Lost Voice Guy, he expresses how the virus has affected people with disabilities and how he thinks people have been forgotten by the Government.

Carl goes on to say: “My dad has definitely been affected with his underlying medical conditions, he has definitely been affected, he can’t go out in case he gets the virus.

“If I go out and I get the virus anything can happen to my dad and I don’t want to bring the virus home. I am very restricted and limited in what I can do.”

Many disabled people are worried and anxious during this pandemic and it is reported that coronavirus has impacted various factors of their lives. These include wellbeing, health, access to healthcare for non-coronavirus-related issues, access to groceries, medication, and essentials, and relationships.

Also 40.6% of disabled people are worried about accessing treatments for non-coronavirus healthcare needs and almost 45% fear being unable to access medical supplies or necessities

Manager of Empower You, Ben Andrews has been helping to create a routine for disabled people by moving online with his activities.

“It has always been community-based so if someone would say, practically before lockdown, that they wanted to start boxing or gardening group or photography group, we would go find someone like a boxing coach or a local photographer or local gardening group that they could link in with and support them to access for eight weeks.


“But we are not really able to support the community anymore in the same way so we have had to transition everything we do online. It is difficult to reach people, normally we would go to community groups and day centers and get them excited about the offer but now we are pretty reliant on social media.

“It gives people a routine throughout the day and space where they can chat to people and stop feeling isolated.”

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