salford community centre

Salford based ‘Energise Centre’  recently pulled together a creative collection of 2020. 

The Salford community centre is located on Douglas Green and was calling for submissions up to Friday 11th December so they are able to release the collection before the end of the year. 

It is supported by ‘the big life group’ and it is a centre from which ‘statutory, community and voluntary organisations deliver health and wellbeing services, including a GP surgery’.


After this strange year, the scheme called ‘Salford Stories’ was run with the aim that Salfordians would send in things that had helped them get through the year. 

Anything was requested from a recipe for the perfect banana bread to pictures of the arts and crafts that kept people sane over multiple lockdowns and social distancing. 

The production of this portfolio is intended to highlight the positive things that have come from this year and how Salford and much of the nation have found joy and positivity in the little things. 

Energise centre is dedicated to helping people of all backgrounds and offer first-class service. Their mission ‘Big Life is in the business of changing lives. We fight inequality by working with people and places to create opportunities and inspire change.’

They make daily changes to people lives offering support and friendship. Helping people with mental health services, education, and even employment. 

They operate by what they call ‘the big life way’. This is; 

People, not problems


Never give up 

Tread new ground

Work in partnership

As part of ‘the big life way’, they say they ‘celebrate every achievement and we never give up’. This scheme is an ode to that in the fact it celebrates how Salfordians adapted this year, perfecting skills and allowing room for growth. 

The collection will be released at the end of 2020 so keep your eyes peeled it may just brighten up the end of the year. 


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