UBU Environmental LTD are donating to twelve charities around Salford over Christmas. 

The Walkden based company say they want to help people who have been seriously affected by the Covid19 crisis and give something back to the local area.

UBU intern, Loui Harris said the company: “want to ensure these charities are still getting the support they need.”

He added: “With a lot of people coming out of work and trying to support their own families, they might not be able to help charities as much as they could last year. Were looking to fill the void of people that would normally donate but obviously cant because they have to look after their own families.”

Mr. Harris said that the response has been positive so far. He said: “The charities are so grateful and they’ve really got into our campaign and want to raise awareness for their charity.”

He continued: “A lot of the charities have said that with the coronavirus one of the good things that have come out of it is that everyone has come together and they’ve actually had even more donations this year.

UBU has donated to the Salford Red Devils Foundation for their seventh cause of Christmas. Harris said: they are doing loads of different activities around primary schools in Salford. We’ve donated pedometers because they are using them for class competitions to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Red Devils Foundation Director, Neil Blackburn said: We are pleased to be able to provide one of our partner schools local to UBU 60 pedometers.

“During this time there has been reduced opportunities for young people to engage with physical activities, which are vital to children’s development and wellbeing.

“We wanted to provide something that would help engage children in physical activities and the school is planning to challenge groups to record the most steps.

“UBU’s donation has help us to provide this fantastic opportunity to Bridgewater Primary school and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Here is the list of charities UBU have donated to:

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