Salford vaccine

There have been delays in the rolling out of the Covid-19 vaccination in Salford after no deliveries of the vaccine were made for at least 10 days after Christmas.

Despite Salford councillors being told all over-80s should have been offered the first does of the vaccine, only 4,423 people have been vaccinated in Salford so far, according to Salford Mayor, Paul Dennett.

This figure includes the over-80s age group and health and social care workers.

A few Salford residents have been hit with rescheduled appointments as no deliveries had been made and some vaccination sites have yet to be properly set up.

This includes the site in Eccles that had been identified as a vaccination hub.

Jenni Smith is one local that fears for a family member and has said: ” My gran lives in Eccles and hers (vaccination appointment) was delayed by a week and hopefully she will have her first dose on Monday.

“She’s been isolating since before lockdown in March and really needs it as affecting her so much.

“She was okay through the summer as the people in her flats would all sit out etc and she would walk, but now it’s dark and slippy, she’s more housebound.”

Salford Council have admitted some “teething issues” at a scrutiny meeting yesterday but insisted they had no control over the vaccine.

There has also been confirmation that those who have received their first dose of the vaccine already, will receive their second dose with no delay.

The vaccination process should be back on track soon, however, and if you are registered with a GP surgery in Salford, they will call you to make an appointment.

For more information about this process, visit the NHS website.


  1. Once again Salford lag behind other authorities i think its disgraceful. Why are the centres not ready other authorities have managed it. my Do not know what to believe any more very disheartened. husband and I along with many other residents have not been out since last March and we’ve had enough of it. Feel very disheartened. Also my husband is 81 and vunerable we have not had a letter. Neither did we for the flu jab by our gp i arranged for us to go to the local pharmacy . Have no faitth in our GP of the health authority.

  2. i am 84 live alone and have been shielding since march for 95% of the time i know people younger than me who live in greater manchester and have had their jab i have COPD and now i am really worried when can i expect to be conntacted do you think ?

  3. Could you please tell me witch vaccine is being given at the Eccles leisure center please is it the Oxford one

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