riding e-scooters in Salford

A survey is asking for Salford residents’ opinions on the current e-scooter trial taking place between Media City and Peel Park.

The Healthy Active Cities research group at the University of Salford is hoping the survey will help them to understand how, if at all, people are using these e-scooters.

Luke Blazejewski, 33, works at the University as a researcher on the survey and described the surveys aims.

He said: “We are interested in finding out how people are using the scooters or how they would potentially use them.

“We want to build an understanding around the potential for these vehicles in the future, this scheme is part of a national trial of schemes, but ours is the only one with an academic study attached.”

The survey will provide operating company Lime, and local transport agencies, with information on the statistics and challenges around what the e-scooters are being used for and how they might be most effective.

Mike Brown, Director of Strategic Partnerships at The University of Salford, said:

“The University of Salford is the only UK University involved in a Department for Transport approved e-scooter trial, and it’s great to be able to offer this safe, green and fun mode of transport to both students and our colleagues.”

salford e-scooter on campus
A Lime e-scooter on university campus – Copyright and permission given by Luke Blazejewski

The scheme aims to avoid the potential pitfalls seen with e-scooters across the globe by only having one company, and a small area in Salford, involved at the pre-trial stage.

People can use the Lime app to scan QR codes on the scooters and ride them in designated areas via a ‘geofence’.

Prospective users of the e-scooters need be at east 18 years old and have a provisional driving license, with safety classes available online.

One hope with e-scooters is that they will become a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative for transport.

Salford e-scooters
e-scooters ready for pick up – copyright and permissions given by Luke Blazejewski

Florence Milner, General Manager UK and Ireland at Lime, said:

“Over the next year we’re expecting our e-scooters to reduce nearly 100,000 car journeys and save an incredible 42 metric tonnes of CO2, proving there is a necessary place for e-scooters on our roads and in our cities.”

The University of Salford are encouraging people who both have and have not used the scooters to fill in the survey, to gauge general opinion and usage.

You can find the survey here.

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