The mute swan is favourite to be the future symbol of Salford.

All ten Greater Manchester boroughs will be given a representative bird in-keeping with the local habitat as to create a birding city region (GMBCR). The aim is to inspire pride in local environments, as well as engage people in birding activities and promoting the mental and physical health benefits that come with it.

The suggested Salford representative bird, the mute swan, can be found on the docklands, the Ship Canal, the Bridgewater Canal, the River Irwell and country parks across Salford.

However an alternative for Salford might be the buzzard – often seen above the Chat Moss peat marshes.

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The GMBCR has earmarked 10 birds, considering habitats and the character of the boroughs, but will be starting a public consultation to see what people think.

The results will be announced on June 27 at the virtual Manchester Festival of Nature via @MancNature on Twitter.

Here are the GMBCR’s choices:

Salford: Mute swan – a graceful bird found in many of Salford’s canal’s and country parks.

Manchester: Rose-ringed parakeet – a vibrant bird that flocks together in large groups.

Wigan: Willow tit – a unique, charismatic bird with a declining population.

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Bolton: Kingfisher – a colourful water bird that can be found throughout the Croal Irwell Valley.

Bury: Little egret – a heron-like bird found on the River Irwell and Elton reservoir.

Rochdale: Peregrine falcon – the world’s fastest bird is present on Rochdale’s town hall.

Oldham: Tawny owl – the biggest population of any owl species in Greater Manchester, found on the town’s coat of arms and Oldham Athletic FC badge.

Tameside: Red grouse – a hardy moorland species found around Stalybridge Country Park. It’s the UK’s only endemic species – it is found here and nowhere else in the world.

Stockport: Mandarin duck – an exotic water bird originally from Asia, representing the ‘far east’ of Greater Manchester.

Trafford: Lapwing – also known as the ‘Peewit’, connects rural and urban habitats.

The city of Salford already has a lion symbol which represents Salford City FC and also two lions on the city’s coat of arms. So how will Salfordians react to this latest plan for a new alternative icon?

Click here to find out which bird Salfordians think should be chosen.

The mute swan could become the avian mascot of Salford, but the buzzard is also in the running. What bird do you think it should be?
❤️ = Mute swan
😂 = Buzzard

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