Walk and Talk Inspiring Communities Together

‘Walk and Talk’ sessions are taking place in Salford and beyond to help people with social isolation during the pandemic.

The sessions are ran by Inspiring Communities Together, a charity in Salford that aims to create better places for people to live.

Bernadette Elder, CEO of Inspiring Communities Together, wrote about the scheme on their website.

She said: “During the first lockdown feedback was that people were spending more time at home and taking less physical activity, however they were concerned about how safe it was to go back outside.”

Inspiring Communities Together want to encourage people to go out into the green spaces of Salford, as a way to help build confidence.

You can learn more about the Wellbeing Matters program and ‘Walk and Talk’ here.

If you’re looking to get active, we have a list of cycle routes in Salford you can check out.

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