Media city protest

A group of people have set up small tents at MCUK, in protest against child trafficking.

They represented neither a Charity, nor an NGO.

In front of the tents a long placard was facing the public: “End child trafficking”.

A picture of a child crying while being handcuffed was on display behind the placard.

Next to the child there was some statistics about the child trafficking.

There were also some hashtags – they were only for information; did not represent any charity or organisation.

The group came for some hours every day for approximately one week.

Their aim was to raise awareness about child trafficking, especially to the Governments who have kept a blind-eye on this issue.

They did not want to be interviewed although they were keen to say to the public the purpose of their set-up.

Many kids who have fled their countries due to unrest and turmoil they are not lucky enough to reach a UN refugee campus to be reunited with their families or be placed in a foster family.

The hurdles the refugees are facing is well depicted in “The Good Lie” film.

The Good Lie is an American drama film, starring Reese Witherspoon.  It was aired in 2014, written by Margaret Nagle and directed by Phillipe Falardeau.

The film is based on a true story.  It describes the lives of six siblings – Mamere, Paul, Jeremiah, Theo, Daniel, and Abigail- who managed to escape their village in Sudan, during the civil war.  Theo was captured by the soldiers, managed to hide his siblings.

After walking in the desert for 750 miles, the kids reached the UN refugee camp in Kakuma, Kenya.  Daniel died in the camp. They spent most of the childhood living into the camp, where after 13 years were resettled to Kansas, US.

By watching the film, you get an insight how the UN operates on the ground and the process of the refugee resettlement programme.

I was taken aback by the fact that the refugees must pay back the resettlement funds to the UN.

I also raised an eyebrow that when the date of birth is not known to the organisation they are registered as born January 1st in the official documents.

The element of faith is very strong throughout the film. The Bible is one of the few possessions they have.  It is hope and faith helped them to overcome all the hurdles.

This immensely appealing drama based on Margaret Nagle’s screenplay.  The story is spiced up with some humorous bits, such as the refugees’ reaction to ice-rinks, the telephone, and Carrie’s (Witherspoon) independence.

I would rate with 5 stars the film and I strongly recommend watching it

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