A couple in Salford have started their own refill delivery service, offering vegan, environmentally-friendly products to Greater Manchester residents.

Amy Jones and her partner James in Salford, have recently started their own local business called WeFillables. They are offering eco-friendly and vegan household, cleaning and body care products through delivery. Their business strives for convenience and accessibility, whilst improving the planet.

They provide a Saturday delivery service and describe it as “a milk round but with eco friendly household products.”

She said: “We started our business at the beginning of March 2021 because we wanted to make sustainable and waste free products more accessible.

“We also had a little girl at the start of last year which really opened our eyes to the world she could be growing up in if we don’t make a change.”



The customers are to leave their empty bottles outside their front door on the chosen date, with Amy and James refilling all of the products they’ve purchased, such as shampoo or soap, taking away the need for excessive plastic waste.

Amy said: “The purpose of our brand is to both raise awareness of the huge issue our planet faces if we keep using single use plastics at the rate we do and also to help make products more readily available to all.

“We hope to be able to encourage people to reduce their plastic waste as WeFillables offers to take out the time needed to go to specialist waste free shops. We offer ease to those who want to live more sustainably but maybe struggle to find the time to.”


WeFillables is based in Salford and delivers to Swinton, Worsley, Walkden, Monton, Eccles, BL1, BL2, BL3, Bolton and Wigan.

To find out more visit the website here, and visit their Instagram page for more information on products and deliveries.

Image credit: Amy Jones

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