Buile Hill Mansion restoration project is underway. Photo: Courtney Davies

Salford’s residents are looking forward to the future of The Buile Hill Park mansion, now that the long-awaited restoration project on the building is finally getting underway this week.

After the historic building has lain empty and unloved for more than two decades, the impressive structure is finally being brought back to life. Urgent repairs to the roof are already underway, at a cost of £210,000, which will be used to restore and replace the building’s original timber beams. The full scale of the plans, costing up to £5 million in total, will be revealed next month.

The project comes after years of campaigning from local residents and the Buile Hill Mansion Association, who fought to save the building from falling into disrepair. Now, they hope, the Georgian building will be open to the public as early as 2023, allowing future generations to enjoy it in all its glory.

Now that the works on the building are underway, Salford’s residents are looking forward to what the building could be used for once it is restored.

While an official consultation with local residents has already been conducted, several of the suggestions now that plans are in motion include an event space, a hotel, and even an ice cream parlour!

See what local residents think of the building’s regeneration:

What do you think the mansion should be used for once it is repaired?

You can keep up to date with all the plans for the Buile Hill Park Mansion regeneration project on the Buile Hill Mansion Association website.

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