Swinton residents told to evacuate their homes after an unexploded World War Two-era bomb was found in a garden.

The bomb was discovered at a home on Moss Lane yesterday morning, the emergency services raced down after they were alerted and arrived at 11:30 GMT.

A woman, 82, found the bomb in a bag of rubble in her shed and moved it next to her wheelie bin.

When a concerned neighbour noticed the bomb whilst helping with the bins, they advised her to inform the police.

A small number of houses nearby were told to evacuate immediately and calmly.

Other residents were told to stay inside, close the doors and windows, and stay away from windows.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said, “There will be a large multi-agency presence in the local area with colleagues from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service & Greater Manchester Police working hard to keep people safe.”

At about 16:00 GMT, the Fire and Rescue Service said the device had been assessed by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal team and declared safe.

All emergency services left the area and previous advice was lifted, residents returning safely to their homes.


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