Image Courtesy of Wood Street Mission
Wood Street Mission have launched their 2021 Christmas Appeal for new toys, to be distributed to struggling children this Christmas.

The appeal has been set up in-order to make Christmas a, “special time of year for as many children as we possibly can” in the words of organiser Des Lynch.

Speaking of the appeal Mr Lynch continued: “The Christmas project has been part of the history of Wood Street since its inception in 1869.

“Last year we distributed toys to over 4,000 children, which is around about 12,500 toys and gifts, plus wrapping paper, plus selection boxes as well.

“The idea is that the parents or guardians come in and choose for the children, so we don’t package it up or anything because they’re the ones that know their children.”

The appeal has caught the attention of Salford’s residents, such as Frank Shatliff who has said of the appeal: “My family, we’ve always tried to collect toys, not in a big way, say 2 or 3 bags each year, and we take them to Bury social services.

“Last year, because of Covid, I tried to do something else and called it ‘One New Toy Appeal’, for Wood Street Mission, It took off.”

“Between us all we collected nearly 1,000 toys.”

Image Courtesy of Wood Street Mission

Each child will receive three presents from Wood Street Mission, a premium toy, a medium toy, and a smaller toy.

Wood Street Mission are already gearing up to distribute the toys, running distribution between 29th November and the 22nd of December to ensure a special Christmas for as many children as possible.

For those wanting to contribute, more information can be found on their website here, with the deadline for drop-offs being 10th December.

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