The application for a family home on Elsham drive to be renovated into a seven bed HMO (house in multiple occupation) has been rejected today following mass objection from residents.

The proposal was recommended to be approved ‘subject to conditions’ by Salford City Council prior to this morning’s meeting, however, the strength of the objectors has resulted in the application being refused.

The proposal involved changes to the elevations of the site with the garage being converted into habitable space.

The property is located directly behind Hilton Lane Primary School.

taken from Salford City livestream 18/11/2021

One of the most significant objections came from Barbara Keeley, MP of Worsley & Eccles South, as well as petitions with a total of 62 signatures and 67 letters from residents..

The objectors who took the floor all received a round of applause following their passionate statements.

Ian Littlewood who lives directly opposite the site of the proposal was the first to raise his objections saying, “there’s a place for HMO’s but not on our cul-de-sac.”

Gill Thomson claimed certain residents are selling their properties on a loss due to the introduction of the HMO, “If this goes ahead you are ripping the heart out of our small community and putting profit above people.”

She added; “we fear it could be ex criminals, young offenders or drug users, what we do know is that HMO properties attract these type of people.”

Barbara Keeley MP’s statement of opposition was read out by Little Hulton councilor Rob Sharpe.

Her statement concluded with, “I do not believe that this is a suitable site for a HMO and I continue to object to this proposal strongly.”

There were celebrations in the gallery from the opposing public as the votes were cast and after the verdict was reached for the proposal to be rejected.

The hearing ended with Councilor Bob Clarke stating, “It’s a community street and we have to maintain it.”

However, 1 Elsham drive can still be used as a HMO for up to six residents without requiring planning permission from the council.

Salford City Council recently launched a new licensing scheme for HMOs which took effect on July 19th 2021 due to a rise in resident complaints of living standards.

This will now cost landlords to pay £1,085 to license homes where three or four tenants inhabit.

These improvements in Salford’s HMOs could lead to these type of properties becoming more frequent in more affluent areas of the city, leading to potential concerns such as the ones brought up by Elsham Drive residents.

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