Seven Brothers have joined Pringles in a bid to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer and men’s mental health.

Every sixty seconds someone across the world commits suicide, with 75% of all lives being taken each year being that of men.

Movember is a charity movement that sees over five million supporters worldwide each year. It focuses on men’s mental health issues such as prostate, testicular cancer, and suicide prevention in a bid to reduce suicide-related deaths across the world

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Fueled with pies and pints, the mini-event was held at the Seven Brothers Beer House at Media City UK on Saturday to educate men and women on the Movember Foundations programs in a bid to raise awareness of the importance of getting friends, families, and strangers to talk about their struggles before its too late.

Chris Ainsworth, from Kellogs and lead speaker of the Night, said: “The main focus (of the event) is on understanding how we have those conversations, how we get men to open up and converse with each other when they’re feeling the need to before it gets to the point anywhere near suicide.”


Inside the Event. Credit: Abbie Carrington.

Bruce Lerner, Responsible for the companies partnerships explained the significance of the of the charity’s work said “The suicide note is the conversation someone couldn’t have. These conversations could change the course of someone’s life.”

Seven Brothers Bartender, supporting the event. Credit: Abbie Carrington.

General manager of Seven Brothers Jack also showed his support for the evening by saying “It’s hard to get help sometimes. Awareness needs to be raised and there need to be more areas for people to seek help. If you are feeling low make sure you reach out, don’t suffer in silence.”

You can donate to the Movember organisation here and to learn more about pringles involvement and charity work here.

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