Indian variant salford

From the 10th of December 2021, face coverings will be mandatory again in shops and public transport around Salford due to the new Omicron variant arriving in the UK and cases rising.

Many businesses around Salford such as the Community Leisure centre will now require masks as part of the governments new restrictions.

However not all places require masks, for example schools do not need to reintroduce face coverings.

The rates have increased slightly this week with school age children and 35-49 year olds having more cases.

Resident Col Armstrong explained that, “wearing a mask doesn’t really bother me as I’m immunosuppressed due to chemo treatment I had 3 years ago, so without the obvious reasons why we are being told to wear a mask I have no real problems with wearing one

“Personally I think it’s gonna be a thing for a while longer yet and I can see us having yearly Covid jabs like flu for a few years yet, if wearing a face mask protects me and others I have no real problem”.

Face coverings have to be worn in all buildings except if eating, drinking and dancing to hope to ease the spread before Christmas.

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