The Anderson Shelter, a feature of the armed forces allotment
(Taken by Thomas Bryer)

Tindall Street Allotments is spearheading a project to create an allotment specifically for armed forces veterans in Salford.

The project is in its infancy. Construction of the veterans’ allotment is being undertaken by existing members of Tindall Street Allotments, as well as local veterans who hope to occupy the allotment in the future.

Vinny, Secretary of Tindall Street Allotments
(Taken by Thomas Bryer)

Vinny, Secretary of Tindall Street Allotments Group, said:

“The reason why we’re setting up an allotment just for veterans because many of them are in sheltered accommodation.

“They don’t have access to gardens and many have mental issues such as PTSD.

“It’s better for them to be out in the fresh air and to have a community of like-minded people to talk to.

“This is a project I’m very passionate about. I’ve had the idea for a long time.

“It’s all happened so fast it’s unreal”

Vinny seems hopeful that the allotment will help veterans, other residents and the environment.

Junior gardeners enjoying the Anderson Shelter before the veteran’s allotment was planned
(Picture taken by Thomas Bryer)

“We have a Facebook group that has almost 20 members already, we’ve only been working on the allotment for a few days.

“There’s lots of nice people on the other allotments too, there’s a wealth of knowledge from gardening to construction.

“We’ve been given money for a new shed and a new greenhouse. People can come and have a brew, they don’t have to be stood out in the cold all the time.

“No matter what experience you have just come down and see if you can learn something about gardening.

“There’s always excess food being grown that we’re happy to share.”

Tindall Street Allotments aims to impact the environment as little as possible. As such they implement measures such as collecting rainwater to reuse and using a composting toilet.

The veterans’ allotment features an air raid shelter called the Anderson Shelter, which is a direct replica of its WW2 counterpart.

Don, Chairman of the Salford Allotment Federation, discusses how his work at a previous allotment led to the Anderson Shelter being brought to Tindall Street:


Tindall Street Allotments welcomes new members regardless of experience or skill in gardening.

If you are interested in participating in the veterans’ allotment or any other allotment on Tindall Street email:




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