Author: Dan McLaughlin

Photo by NHS Confederation

Andy Burnham selected as Labour candidate for Greater Manchester Mayor election

SHADOW Home Secretary Andy Burnham has been selected as the Labour Party candidate in the Greater Manchester mayoral election. The […]

Manchester charity worker: “Do not forget about the humanitarian crisis in Niger”

A CHARITY worker from West Didsbury has called for action to tackle child malnutrition and to distribute emergency relief in the […]

Manchester Town Hall to be lit with Belgium colours

BLACK, yellow and red will be projected onto Manchester Town Hall following the attacks in Brussels yesterday. The colours of […]

Quays News: Space Special with former NASA astronaut Don Thomas

SHOOTING stars, the planet Mars and the next generation of space travellers were on the itinerary when a former NASA astronaut […]

HORSE PLAY: Man accompanied by horse on night out in Wythenshawe

GREATER Manchester Police received several reports of a drunken man enjoying a night out in Wythenshawe accompanied by a horse. […]