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Credit: Image provided by Adam Simcox

“It was definitely one of the most important years of my life” – Salford graduate Adam Simcox on how studying in the city helped him release his debut novel

Salford University graduate Adam Simcox says his time studying in the city helped launch his passion for writing and film […]

Credit - Photographer/Videographer Harry Green

REVIEW: Salford alumni welcomes a sell-out show with ‘Sour Milk’

Sour Milk is a heart-breaking story following the lives of two queer friends navigating themselves through the 1980’s Aids epidemic. […]

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“I’d not hugged my family for months, and there I was being all raucous on set” – Salford alumni Joanna Higson talks filming Brassic 3 in the midst of a pandemic

Salford University alumni Joanna Higson says she “felt so lucky to be back at work” with the return of hit […]

Credit - Photographer/Videographer Harry Green

“It’s not glamourised, it’s not pretty, it’s just real of how people lived back then” – The Greater Manchester Fringe play exploring the AIDS epidemic through friendship

Delving into the lives of two queer friends, Sour Milk highlights how a turbulent world can affect those who are […]

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“Manchester is great, but people forget; Salford is where it started” – The Welly House Band breaking the music scene in ‘the other city’

The Welly House Band is a seven-piece group from Greater Manchester who found inspiration in Salford’s musical ancestry. Although none […]

Credit: Salford University

“The Living Lab epitomises the kind of vision and innovation that Greater Manchester does best” – Andy Burnham supports Salford University’s newest lab

The University’s latest innovation is set to provide options on how to tackle the climate emergency. Yesterday saw the official […]

Credit: IG/@Psychocoww

Creative Salford student launches festival and swimwear brand ‘Psychocoww’ right from her University halls

A 19-year-old student has launched her own fashion brand from her bedroom during the pandemic. At the start of 2021, […]