Author: John Hassall

Salford’s answer to WWE prepares for ‘Christmas Chaos’

Salford’s answer to WWE prepares for ‘Christmas Chaos’

WRESTLEPRO, Salford’s answer to WWE, is preparing for their ‘Christmas Chaos’ event which takes place on the 17th of December. […]

Local boxer, Osman Aslam sets up new drug charity

LOCAL professional boxer, Osman Aslam is starting up a new charity aimed at combatting drug abuse. Aslam, 23, from Halliwell, […]

Inside St Joseph’s College- The Abandoned Treasure

Dark, Foreboding and somewhat  beautiful. St Joseph’s College once stood proud as one of the biggest seminaries in Britain. Now […]

BODY SHAMING; The New Social Media Craze?

AS long as social media exists, so will cyber-bullying and unfortunately, it’s a frequently-used tool for bullies. Yes, technology can […]