Author: KatieBruton

Photo Susan received of a key worker wearing an exterior.

“I’m doing it for my grandson” – Salford woman makes knitted mask bands for key workers

A Salford woman has been knitting mask exteriors for key workers. The exteriors are a knitted band with large buttons […]

Salford carers campaign for real living wage

Salford carers campaign for real living wage

Cash-strapped Salford carers have launched a campaign to be paid the real living wage. The campaign run by their union […]

Photo retrieved from Alzheimer’s Society North West England

“We’re incorporating Christmas and dementia into one lovely night”- Alzheimer’s Christmas carol concert

The Alzheimer’s Society is hosting a Christmas carol concert at Salford Cathedral on December 4. Danielle Freeman, community fundraiser for […]

Langworthy Cornerstone

Free computer classes are changing Salford children’s lives

A free computer programme in Salford, run by Sovereign House, teaches children key life skills and prepares them for ‘the […]