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Salford Survivor Project Volunteer open event

Salford Survivor Project reach out for volunteers

SUTTON Community Centre in Salford hosted the Salford Survivor Project’s volunteer open event today to welcome potential volunteers for the newly […]

Councillor urges Salfordians to go veggie for November

Councillor urges Salfordians to go veggie for November

Salford’s historical connection to vegetarianism is little know but now a local councillor is urging Manchester residents ditch meat for November.

Credit: Joshua Beckman via Youtube

Deafness and mental health link addressed by Manchester organisation

THOSE suffering from deafness can experience the same mental health issues as the hearing population, yet have higher rates of symptom commonalities, […]

FEATURE: Ideas on how not to put on three stone in your three years of Uni

EVERYONE knows students bemoan the chore of cooking at university and panic about the extra pounds they may add. Quays […]